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Verso Petzl

Code: d19
Verso Petzl

Petzl's lightest belay/rappel device with adaptive rope control technology

The VERSO is a simplified version of the REVERSO. The asymmetrical V-shaped grooved friction channels adapt the friction for better control using our ARC (Adaptive Rope Control) technology. Ultra-light design : - hot-forged aluminum - weight: 57 g Single device for all ropes : - single ropes ≥ 8.9 mm - half ropes ≥ 8 mm - twin ropes ≥ 7.5 mm ARC technology adapts to the diameter of the rope used by increasing or decreasing the braking friction on the rope according to its diameter and condition Increased friction on thinner ropes Adapted friction for efficiency with larger diameter ropes Asymmetrical grooved sidewalls decrease friction when taking in slack for greater ease of use Super compact design is easy to use and doesn't take up much space on your rack Rope friendly design separates the two strands of rope when belaying with half/twin ropes or while rappelling, thus helping to prevents kinks Stiff keeper cable will not get sucked into the device and keeps it in the optimal position while

  • Manufacturer: Petzl
  • Weight: 0.057 Kgs

Product details

Warranty: 36 months
Price: 37.00лв.
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